Pro-Play Tour YGO Online Circuit Season 3: Player’s Championship January 2nd

1.2.2021 - 12:00pm


INVITE ONLY Yu-Gi-Oh! Player’s Championship Your name must be on our invite list to be eligible to play: Watch THIS before registering: Discord Required! Join Here: *Registration is [FREE With INVITE ONLY] Any player registering without an invite will be dropped. Tournament Details Round 1 pairings go up at 11:55am EDT, Round 1 begins at 12pm EDT Registration is open until one hour before event All matches must be conducted on The tournament format is as follows: Swiss + Single Elimination Top Cut Finals. This means you play every round, win or lose, and you are paired against players with a similar record. The length for each round is 50 minutes and then follow Konami official end of match procedures Intentional draws are NOT allowed. You must use the exact same deck list for all rounds, just like in a real tournament. When purchasing this ticket, use your DISCORD username for your FIRST and LAST name Join the official discord channel for all tournament communication & judge calls. Use the screenshot function on duelingbook to produce an imgur link to your deck, and use that URL link. Example: ** due to covid our shipment of prizes is being delayed, we will ship prizes asap when they arrive. Shipping costs may apply.

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