HFX Games - Halifax end of the 2018 ITC Season

2.2.2019 - 9:30am


HFX Games - End of the 2018 ITC season HFX Games will be hosting a 1750 point ITC Tournament on the 2 Feb 19 as end of season event to celebrate the completion of the 2018 ITC season. Registration will be hosted on Best Coast Pairing, please upload a copy of your list into the app, and set your own event password: This will be a 3 round tournament with 2.5 hour rounds, with following timings: Check in: 9:30-10 AM Round 1: 10-12:30 Lunch: 12:30-1:30 Round 2: 1:30-4:00 Round 3: 4:05-6:35 Conclusion, Clean up, clear out. 6:35 All published Warhammer 40k rules are in effect, especially Chapter Approved 2018. Players are required to have all publications including their army FAQ’s and Please have a copy of your list at the event, and upload a copy into BCP. Missions will be the first 3 missions from Chapter Approved 2018 This event is an ITC event. The main store floor will have 8 tables, (16 Spots) and the two private rooms are available (for an additional 4 spots) which puts the event at a max of 20 players. Note tables are smaller than standard size. Any questions can be directed to tournament organizer: Todd Wall at tidman1000@yahoo.com

Ticket Price:


Available Tickets: 2



380 Pleasant St
Dartmouth NS, B2Y 3S5

Registered Players

Name Team
Alex Hart
Beaulieu Anthony
Ben Pelzer
Bernie Vickery
Brian Strongman Eastern Fringe
Chris Boutilier
Chris Hubley
Henry Hynes
Ian Chisholm
Ian Thomas
Leo MacEachern
Mark Peori RTI
Matt Degen
Michael Popa Emperor of Mankind
Philip Grassie
Robert Wood Eastern Fringe
Taylor Burns
Todd Wall TO playing to even #'s