Carnage For The Cape

6.29.2019 - 13:00pm


2000pts ITC Tournament June 29th at 1PM Champion’s Missions Packet $15 Entry All Beta rules will be in effect, as will any FAQ’s, Erratas, and Codices released prior to June 22nd, when lists are due. All prizes will be store credit. $10 of entry will go towards the prizes at the end, $5 will be towards pizza for the tournament. will provide $50 of store credit into the prize pool, $100 instead of 10+ players attend. 1st place will receive 50% of prize pool, 2nd receives 25%, 3rd receives 12.5%, and there will be a random lotto for the remaining 12.5%. Players can only receive 1 prize each.


1611 Main St
Barnstable MA, 02668

Registered Players

Name Team
Anthony McQuillen gamenight
Billy Gravelle gamenight
D-Jay Laffoon gamenight
Erik Jones gamenight
Jason Waterhouse gamenight
Jonathan Carroll gamenight
Samuel Agger gamenight
Tim Michalak gamenight