Winter War 2017

1.7.2017 - 9:00am


The Winter War Hark! Listen as the cold winds blows, for upon them you can hear the clarion call of brazen war horns and the snap of distant banners. The powerful winds of Ghur have blown for so long across these frozen tundras, that their power has coalesced in to great crystals of immense power and magic. Mighty armies have gathered on this frozen plane to lay claim to these arcane artifacts, and to destroy those others who wish to harness these forces for themselves. A time of conflict is upon us, for this is the Winter of War! The Winter War is a 2 day, 5 game, 2000 point Age of Sigmar Grand Tournament hosted by Game Kastle, which will be held annually at the beginning of January. We here at Game Kastle are committed to bringing our gaming communities the highest quality events, and as such we are proud to present you with our first official independent ITC GT. Come spend a weekend immersing yourself in a fantastical themed event complete with special scenario events, scenery, and fantastic prizes. The first place player will take home a Shattered Dominion Realm of Battle table, and 3 pieces of terrain that have been painted in the Winter War them. More information on prizes, army composition, scenarios, and more will be coming shortly when we release the full players packet. But most of all come and enjoy the excitement of playing your favorite game in an intense competitive arena.

Ticket Price:

$50.00 USD

Available Tickets: 85



550 Showers Dr
Mountain View CA, 94040

Registered Players

Name Team
Aaron Johnson 31st Century
Adam Mofrad Your Mom's Garage
Alex Ramirez Your Mom's Garage
Anthony Webb The Smurfing Mother Smurfers
Craig Brooks Barbarians
Donna Feuerhelm Left Coast Corsairs
Ed Phillips Leadership 2
Gil Ocampo EB(H/F/SF)GC
John Feuerhelm Left Coast Corsairs
Joseph Urban Barbarians
Logan Mulroney Left Coast Corsairs
Michael Burch Your Mom's Garage
Noel Cepe
Sean Swihart
Vlad Nica Barbarians