Free RPG Day: Elzemon And The Blood-Drinking Box

6.16.2018 - 16:00pm


Seeking the favor of a powerful wizard, the party agrees to steal an artifact from a rival’s sanctum. The wizard requires, however, that the adventures “feed” the artifact to imprison its contents! Join us at Game Kastle Santa Clara to partake in the adventure of Elzemon and the Blood-drinking Box, written by Terry Olson and run by Stephen N. System: DDC RPG Maturity: PG-13 Age Limit: 12+ Materials: Pre-generated characters will be provided. Bringing your own dice is useful, but not required.

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1350 Coleman Ave
Santa Clara CA, 95050

Registered Players

Name Team
Curtis Takahashi
Dr Squid
Farah McGuire
Jim Dovey
Stephen Paine
Terry Olson