The Alamo GT (Major) 2019

5.18.2019 - 9:00am


Registration and purchase at A Two day 5 round ITC champions mission tourney with two changes of note: Chapter Approved 2018 deployment and first turn will be in effect. ALAMO EXCLUSIVE SECONDARY Remember the Alamo!: Gain 1 point for every 500pts of your own units that have been completely destroyed. If you get tabled you achieve a total of 4pts for this secondary.


420 W César E Chávez Blvd
San Antonio TX, 78204

Registered Players

Name Team
Alex Mathison Heroic knights
Allen Broussard Now Playing
Andrew Ford Red barn
Antonio Cedeno Frag_Out Gaming
brandon mullins Mandalorians
Brett Urbanowski <REDACTED>
Brian Schwinger Adeptus Shenanigus
bruce merker <REDACTED>
Bryce Chapman
Bully Mike House Taranis
Cassidy Cook Adeptus Shenanigus
Charles Velazquez <REDACTED>
Chris Carlile Adeptus Shenanigus
Chris Foster North of the Golden Throne
Chris Nix Krunk Boyz
Christopher Arrington Indomitable40k
Christopher Gunter G4C
Clay Mullins Mandalorians
Clifton Jackson Frag_Out Gaming
Clifton “Murica” Russell <REDACTED>
Colin Coons FNPro
Colin McDade FNPro
Connor Whitehead Frag_Out Gaming
Dane Mercer FNPro
David Savage FNPro
Devin Bailey FNPro
Dustin Beck
Dylan Crice BAMF
Edgar Mundy
Edward Petro <REDACTED>
Eric Bucheger Adeptus Shenanigus
Eric Garcia Krunk Boyz
Eric Phelps Texas Drinking Team
Eric Tadt FNPro
Evan Prosser Frag_Out Gaming
Garrison Hennig
Greg Gonzalez Frag_Out Gaming
Greg Harris <REDACTED>
Ian Reeder BAMF
Jake Gonzalez
Jamey Pirozzolo FNPro
Jamus Thayn Adeptus Shenanigus
Jason Timbrook MGS
Jay Roy Adeptus Shenanigus
Jeffrey Merrick Frag_Out Gaming
Joe Beddoe Adeptus Shenanigus
John Cook Adepts Shenanigus
John Wiprud Ad Mech and Friends
Joseph Rexer FNPro
Josh Reed RedStar
Kyle Daniel <REDACTED>
Lance St. Germain Krunk Boyz
Lucas Druce-hoffman
Matthew Allee
Matthew Troy Krunk Boyz
Michael Boyer RedStar
Michael Brown Frag_Out Gaming
Michael Dehoyos FNPro
Mike Hart
Miller Time <REDACTED>
Nate Goodfellow <REDACTED>
Nelson Cruz BAMF
Nicholas Hancock Smite Club
Nick Gower Frag_Out Gaming
Nick Sutherlabd <REDACTED>
Philip Junghans <REDACTED>
RICHARD PEEVY North of the Golden Throne
Robert Moreland <REDACTED>
Rocky Vera Cruz Generation X
Russell Tassin
Ryan Bridges FNPro
Sam White RedStar
Samuel Santiago
Samuel Smith Corpus Drunks
Sarat Brayton <REDACTED>
Sensei Swag <REDACTED>
Seth Alsuleiman Adeptus Shenanigus
Steve Fox FNPro
Steve Holliday Golar's 222nd
Steven Schirmer Steven Schirmer <REDACTED>
Thomas Reidy Gentlemen Gaming
Timothy Voyles <REDACTED>
Tyrone Collier FNPro
Vincent arroyo Smite Club
William Ivey Frag_Out Gaming