The Alamo GT (Major) 2019

5.18.2019 - 9:00am


Registration and purchase at A Two day 5 round ITC champions mission tourney with two changes of note: Chapter Approved 2018 deployment and first turn will be in effect. ALAMO EXCLUSIVE SECONDARY Remember the Alamo!: Gain 1 point for every 500pts of your own units that have been completely destroyed. If you get tabled you achieve a total of 4pts for this secondary.


420 W César E Chávez Blvd
San Antonio TX, 78204

Registered Players

Name Team
Alex Mathison Heroic knights
Allen Broussard Now Playing
Andrew Ford Red barn
Brandon Mullins Mandalorians
Brett "The Catachan" Urbanowski <REDACTED>
Brian Schwinger Sr. Adeptus Shenanigus
Bruce Merker <REDACTED>
Bryce Chapman
Bullymike Cave House Taranis
Cassidy Cook Adeptus Shenanigus
Chris Carlile Adeptus Shenanigus
Chris Foster North of the Golden Throne
Chris Nix Krunk Boyz
Christopher Arrington Indomitable40k
Christopher Gunter G4C
Clay Mullins Mandalorians
Clifton Jackson Frag_Out Gaming
Clifton “Murica” Russell <REDACTED>
Colin Coons FNPro
Colin McDade FNPro
Connor Whitehead Frag_Out Gaming
Dane Mercer FNPro
Deno Cedeno Frag_Out Gaming
Devin Mann FNPro
Dustin Beck
Dylan Crice BAMF
Edgar Mundy
Edward Petro <REDACTED>
Eric Bucheger Adeptus Shenanigus
Eric Garcia Krunk Boyz
Eric Tadt FNPro
Evan Prosser Frag_Out Gaming
Garrison Hennig
Greg Gonzalez Frag_Out Gaming
Greg Harris <REDACTED>
Ian Reeder BAMF
Jake Gonzalez
Jamey Pirozzolo FNPro
Jamus Thayn Adeptus Shenanigus
Jason Timbrook MGS
Jay Roy Adeptus Shenanigus
Jeffrey Merrick Frag_Out Gaming
Joe Beddoe Adeptus Shenanigus
John Cook Adepts Shenanigus
John Wiprud Ad Mech and Friends
Jony Velazquez <REDACTED>
Joseph Rexer FNPro
Josh Reed RedStar
kuyo kuyo North of the Golden Throne
Kyle Daniel <REDACTED>
Lance St. Germain Krunk Boyz
Lucas Druce-hoffman
Magic Man FNPro
Matt Allee
Matthew Troy Krunk Boyz
Michael Boyer RedStar
Michael Brown Frag_Out Gaming
Michael Dehoyos FNPro
Mike Hart
Miller Time <REDACTED>
Nelson Cruz BAMF
Nicholas Hancock Smite Club
Nick Gower Frag_Out Gaming
Nick Sutherland <REDACTED>
Philip Junghans <REDACTED>
Primaris Tex <REDACTED>
Robert Moreland <REDACTED>
Rocky Vera Cruz Generation X
Russell Tassin
Ryan Bridges FNPro
Sam White RedStar
Samuel Santiago
SAMUEL SMITH Corpus Drunks
Sarat Brayton <REDACTED>
Seth Alsuleiman Adeptus Shenanigus
Shiner Phelps Texas Drinking Team
Steve Holliday Golar's 222nd
Steven Fox FNPro
Steven Schirmer <REDACTED>
T.J. Collier FNPro
Thomas Reidy Gentlemen Gaming
Timothy a voyles <REDACTED>
Vicente Arroyo Smite Club
William Ivey Frag_Out Gaming