Boise Cup 2019


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The Boise cup is back for 2019! This premiere event for the NW takes Place on June 29 through June 30. Come join many gamers from the area to battle for the coveted Boise Bolter. There are many paths to victory through best in faction awards, achievement awards, top general sports, paint, overall, and more 2000 pts ITC Missions $50

Ticket Price:

$50.00 USD

Available Tickets: 1



7211 Colonial St
Boise ID, 83709

Registered Players

Name Team
Aaron Fyffe Cry, Havoc
Adam Solis #REKT
Allan Hernandez #REKT
ben cromwell Team zero comp
Ben Jurek War Room Gladiators
Ben Schimmoller Chump Change
Benjamin Van Note
Brandon Grant Relentless D
Brian Andersen Team Vanguard Tactics
Brian Harvey
Brian Morrill
Bronson James Chump Change
Caden Humpherys Demises
Charles Arnett Mugu Legion
Charles Metts The Next Dimension
Chauncy Sandhofer
Chris Cole Dicehammer
Chris Nelson hammerhead games
Christopher Moreno
Christopher Van Note
Christopher Wilson Vanguard Tactics
Codi Gann Brozeman
Colin Sherman Mugu Legion
Colin Ward Eightfold Path
Colton Hatch Lord General Militant
Dane Johns Bel-Hammer
David Eckberg
Grayson Cirerol Demises
Harrison Jewell Mugu Legion
Isabella Humpherys
James Walsh Brozeman
Jason Byrd NW Mercs
Jason Welch Rooks
Jeremiah Bergdale Team Fury
Jeremy Jenks
Jeremy Veysseire Chump Change
Jessica Schimmoller Chump Change
Jody Kropholler Eightfold Path
John Cadice DMB
Jonathan Stratton
Josh Bagwell Shit Talking and Tactics
Josh DeBoer
Joshua Strole
Justin Church fdlfpt
Justin Whitton Imperial Fist Bumps
Karl Payne Imperial Fist Bumps
Keaton Marschman House Annubis
Kenton Burns After Hours
Kolby Hopkins fdlfpt
Leland Rill fdlfpt
Mark Vachon
Michael Camin DMB
Michael Genoni
Michael Snider Relentless D
Nathan Munnell
Pablo Martinez Relentless D
Paul Niewoonder
Paul Winters NW Mercs
Peter Achey Mugu Legion
Ray Daigle
Richard Kilton Double Dutch Rudder
Robert Rourk Disciples of the Watch
Robert Rourk Disciples of the Watch
Ryan Freivalds Brozeman
Ryan Lynn fdlfpt
Scott Rumple Double Dutch Rudder
Sean Morgan In The Finest Hour
Seth Rourk Disciples of the Watch
Shaun Sharp Relentless D
Steven Pruatt
Stuart Haupt Warhammer In The Valley
Tanner Koski Warhammer In The Valley
Taylor Jordan
ted seabolt
Thomas Hegstrom Oakey Double Dutch Rudder
Wes Wright Grimdark Harbor
Will Funke
Xavier Suarez
Zachary Nelson Mugu Legion