Game Kastle Presents: The Path To War

12.15.2018 - 10:30am


“If the battlements are carried, throw all your strength there. Such an advantage is always darely won.” This is an Age of Sigmar Competitive Tournament The Path of War is a preliminary for Winter War at Game Kastle Mountain View. This winner of this event will gain free entry into Winter War Go head to head with full armies for 3 Rounds. This is a rigidly timed event with timers on every table. Players who appear to be “slow playing” will have their remaining game time apportioned by the TO. Failure to complete 3 full rounds will result in a Zero Point Loss for each player. The Quick Details Registration starts at 10:30AM First Round begins at 11:00AM Pre-Register $15 / Day of $20 2000 point army 3 Rounds 20 Player Cap

Ticket Price:

$15.00 USD

Available Tickets: 17



1350 Coleman Ave
Santa Clara CA, 95050

Registered Players

Name Team
Donna Feuerhelm Corsairs
John Feuerhelm Corsairs
Michael Burch YMG