Amiable Bright Kelowna 40k GT

6.8.2019 - 10:00am


Come Join us for Kelowna's first GT

Ticket Price:

$65.00 CAD / $50.00 USD

Available Tickets: 0


10130 Bottom Wood Lake Road
Lake Country British Columbia, V4V 1T8

Registered Players

Name Team
40k Farva The Board Room Brawlers
Adam Green Know Your Roll
Alex Macdougall Imperial Pimps
Ben Ankenbauer Imperial Pimps
Brody Mader
Brook Thiessen
Deevo Cole Test Eagles
Derek Kryzanowski The Dropped Pod
Devin Kruchio The Krew
Ian McMurchy Imperial Pimps
Jeremiah Dwyer
Jim Jones Imperial Pimps
Josh Roy
JT McDowell Imperial Pimps
Ken Barker Test Eagles
Kyle Francis The Dropped Pod
laurie richards
Marc Peron Board Room Brawlers
Mark Hillhouse Hillhouse
Marshall Reeves Kgc
Matt Towes TestEagles
Matt Zarr Immune2Fear
Mike Degelman Imperial Pimps
Mike Dyck
Mubin Talati Imperial Pimps
Nathan Walsh
Peter Scott Team Creature Caster
Riley Carter Imperial Pimps
Scott Blades Board Room Brawlers
Scott de Wynter-Wilkie Board Room Brawlers
Simon Sung Team Creature Caster
Stephen Wilhite Imperial Pimps
Tak Kawana The Krew
Tanner Hill Cocked Dice
Vuk Djordjevic Madhouse Wargaming
Will McNaughton