*CTC Warhammer 40k Championship Open ITC Major

5.4.2019 - 9:00am


The Canadian Tabletop Championship gaming convention is proud to present to you a 3+3 rounds Warhammer 40k Championship Open ITC Major! Quick overview: - 2000p - ITC Major using Champions Missions, Code Of Conduct and Terrain Rules - 3+3 rounds - hobby/paint score will be worth a Round (42points) - sportsmanship will be worth a Round (42points) - mandatory simplified list submission through BCP This ticket includes - 40k Champs - FREE 3 day convention General Admission - FREE Saturday Night Gaming and Social Rickey For the details of this event including player pack they are available at the external link or type in www.ctcgc.org and click into the CTC events!

Ticket Price:

$100.00 CAD / $70.00 USD

Available Tickets: 0


715 Cooper St
Ottawa ON, K1R 5J5

Registered Players

Name Team
Alex Ing Gentlemen Gaming
Alexis Maltais The Knights of Na
Andrew Elliott Team Kessel
Andrew Weber CanHammer
Ben Jensen Top Table Champions
Ben Lortie happy wargaming
bilbo baggins Gentlemen Gaming
Bradford Lauzon
Brady Crumb Almost Pro Gaming
Christian Poisson Almost Pro Gaming
Cian Monnin Hamm bone
Cody Brown Goblin Bombardment
Damien Turner
David Jesion
Derek Deraiche Top Table Champions
Dominic Kidwell Kaiservonhugal
Drew Brownson Beef and Wing
Edward Riche Team Kessel
Eric Marcoux Hellfire
Evan Smith
Francois Lalonde happy wargaming
Geoffrey Beaman Beast Coast
Gil Fuhr Gentlemen Gaming
Ian Currie
Jacob Ludwick The Enclave
Jamie Williams Team Kessel
Jan Jones
Jason Sparks CanHammer
Jean Masson happy wargaming
Jeffrey Pandeirada CanHammer
Jim Vesal CanHammer
John Franklin CanHammer
Jon Camacho 7 Deadly Sins
Jordann Lasnier One Punch
Joshua Death The Enclave
Joshua Minnich Team TCD
Jérôme Pilon Knights of Na
Mael Belcourt One Punch
Mark Battson
Martin Lefrancois GW Kanata
Mathieu Boutin-Bastien
Mathieu Comtois Team Kessel
Matt Ludwick The Enclave
Matthew Salouros happy wargaming
Max Dubois
Michael Tremblay
Nick Nanavati Beast Coast
Owen Clayton Team Kessel
Peter Piccioni Sequence
Pierre-Luc Caron Knights of Na
Richard Johnson Royal tabletop regiment
Ridvan ‘Skari’ Martinez CanHammer
Robert Blazejewicz Goblin Bombardment
Santos Romano Almost Pro Gaming
Sebastien Richer One Punch
Steven Horowitz
Sylvain Lebleu Knight of Na
Tim Dullemond
Tj Lanigan Beast Coast
Tyler Brennan
Tyler Griffin
Vincent Koopmans In Nomine Legio
Will Paul CanHammer
William Abilez 7 Deadly Sins
Zack Thomas