Dented Mug RTT

6.13.2020 - 10:00am


ITC RTT champions packet matched play rules. 2000 points. Single's event. Each round 3 hours. prize support given out to 1st, 2nd, and best sport. Entry 20 dollars. painted not required. registration through BCP. player cap 12 players. This event will use ITC battles app. Event is co sponsored by the Dented Mug and Play Promoted Gaming Association. Event will comply with all social distancing guidlines and may be postponed if current events change. Thank you for your patience and happy Wargaming! schedule: round 1: 10 am - 1 pm lunch - 1pm to 1:45 pm round 2: 1:45 pm to 4:45pm round 3: 4:45 pm to 7:45 pm prize support 7:45 pm to 8 pm

Ticket Price:


Available Tickets: 2



9053 Middlebrook Pike
Knoxville Tennessee, 37923

Registered Players

Name Team
Alex fagg ETA
Andrew Gardenhire ETA
Brad Hill Warhamburglar
Brad White ETA
Jason Simons
Jeff Hinkle Scrub club
Jimmy Davis ETA
John Mcmahan ETA
Johnathan Cate Knighthood
Justin Hall
kalen ogle
Landon Copeland
Nick Moran ETA
Thomas Leggett
Tyler Maxwell Knighthood
Zeke Sudbury ETA