*CTC Warhammer 40k Championship Open ITC Major

5.2.2020 - 8:30am


The Canadian Tabletop Championship gaming convention is proud to present to you a 3+3 rounds Warhammer 40k Championship Open ITC Major! Quick overview: - 2000p - ITC Major using Champions Missions, Code Of Conduct and Terrain Rules - 3+3 rounds - hobby/paint score will be worth a Round (42points) - sportsmanship will be worth a Round (42points) - mandatory simplified list submission through BCP This ticket includes - 40k Champs - FREE 3 day convention General Admission - FREE Saturday Night Gaming and Social For the details of this event including player pack they are available at the external link or type in www.ctcgc.org and click into the CTC events!

Ticket Price:

$100.00 CAD / $75.00 USD

Available Tickets: 57



715 Cooper St
Ottawa ON, K1R 5J5

Registered Players

Name Team
Aaron Leeder
Ben Pelzer
Brad Turcotte
Brian Strongman
Christian Poisson Almost Pro Gaming
Cian Monnin Hamm bone
Cody Bourgeois Nuclear Mrder Team
Craig McKinnon
Dan Pilon
Daryl Mack
David Anderson Eastern Fringe
David Hammel
David Jesion
Eric Marcoux CanHammer
Gil Fuhr Gentlemen Gaming
Gil Rivera TCD
Jakub Ficner Manhammer
Jeffrey Hanson 13th Legoon
Jeremy Atkinson
John McClane The Enclave
Jonathon Diedrick black talon
Joshua Minnich Team TCD
Lawrence Saulnier One Punch
Mael Belcourt
Mark Battson
Martin Lefrancois GW Kanata
Mathieu Boutin-Bastien In Nomine Legio
Matt Ludwick The Enclave
Maxime Mackie Sherbrook
Nathan Chow Eastern Fringe
Nick Nanavati Beast Coast
Nickolas Boucher good guy gamers
Paulo Batista
Rickard Morin Sequence
Ryan Christensen
Simon MacRae Tabled turn two
Stephane Marleau
Steven Horowitz high point
Tim Deetlefs Team Salty
Tj Lanigan Beast Coast
Tomos Lewis
Tyler Hautaniemi
Will Paul CanHammer