Phyrix Campaign - Iron Halo Con

9.26.2020 - 9:00am


"It begins with a dream - all nightmares do." Join us for the next phase of the Taking of Phyrix Campaign with renown 30k EO David Kohman. Wage war across the engrossing, studio quality terrain of the Phyrix system. As the machinations of Phyrix begin to stir, the Forge shall rise - and one must fall. Loyalist or Traitor?

Ticket Price:

$50.00 USD

Available Tickets: 1



1109 N Delaware St
Dewey OK, 74029

Registered Players

Name Team
Andrew Porter
Greg Harris
John Christensen
Lucas Lyon
Michael Brockman Heresy St. Louis
Michael Magill
Stephen Farthing
Ted Haeg
Tracy McCreery