Bring The Cheese (and your codex) RTT

5.25.2019 - 12:00pm


Details 2000 point RTT 40k tournament fun No paint requirement 3 rounds 3 hours Things that go without saying, BUT I guess now we have to say them: -Beta rules in effect -Must have access to your codex, codex errata, and any updated faq -Lists must be submitted to TO by May 24th -must bring 3 printed copies of your list for opponents -Lists must be battle forged Prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd Best paint Best sport ITC Championship Missions For more information on ITC Tournaments:

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$10.00 USD

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361 Baxter Ave
Louisville KY, 40204

Registered Players

Name Team
Adam Martin Bourbon Brothers Wargaming
Adam Richardson
Alex Witty
Brad Haeberlin Cobra FN Kai
Caleb Garascia
Corey Stunson
Craig Cox Cobra FN Kai
Glenn Barnett Bourbon Brothers Wargaming
James Wallin
Laren Ocasio Bourbon Brothers Wargaming
Namon Allen Cobra FN Kai
Roy Sanders
Simon Leen Darkstar
Tony Lopes Bourbon Brothers Wargaming