Pro-Play Tour YGO Online Circuit: Free Bi-Monthly Dec.17

12.17.2020 - 10:00am


Registration for this online tournament is FREE. Watch THIS before registering: Discord Required! Join Here: Example Decklist Format: PRIZES: Top 4 get Free Entry and Invite to Players Championship Tournament Details Registration is open until one hour before event Player limit: 64 players, first come, first served. When purchasing this ticket, use your DISCORD & Dueling Book username for your FIRST and LAST name All matches must be conducted on The tournament format is as follows: Swiss Rounds ONLY. This means you play every round, win or lose, and you are paired against players with a similar record. Intentional draws are NOT allowed. You must use the exact same deck list for all rounds, just like in a real tournament. Join the official discord channel for all tournament communication & judge calls. Use the screenshot function on duelingbook to produce an imgur link to your deck, and use that URL link. Example: Standard Konami tournament rule structure

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Available Tickets: 122



1405 SW 107th Ave #202c
Miami FL, 33174

Registered Players

Name Team
Hector FusionRelease
Joshua Ni
Joshua Ni
kostya345 Kaido The last Dragon
Otataras Otatos
{DaRk_KinGs} Dre_Duels92#5485 {DaRk_KinGs} Dre_Duels92#5485