The Stud or Scrub Open

4.27.2019 - 9:00am


Event Description: ITC GT Event (for scoring) 5 Rounds (3 day 1, 2 day 2) 2000 Points, 3 hour rounds. - No Forgeworld - No Index - Painting and Basing Required (3 color minimum) Will be using ETC Missions $60 For the weekend Where: Forbes Hobbies - 1600 Industrial Rd #6C, Cambridge, ON N3H 5G7 Prizes are as follows: 1st Best Sport Best Presentation Reniassance Man (50% battle score/50% Paint score)

Ticket Price:

$60.00 CAD / $60.00 USD

Available Tickets: 4



1600 B Industrial Road
Cambridge Ontario, N3H 4W5

Registered Players

Name Team
Adam Houser Forbes first legion
Armando Ceron Bloodbath & Beyond
Ben Wolstenholme
Brendan Minty Bloodbath and Beyond
Brian Wilson
CanHammer Chris CanHammer
Chris Kanakos Bloodbath and Beyond
Devin Swann CanHammer
Diogo Pita CanHammer
Hamza Syed CanHammer
isaac bates salt miners
James McBeath
Jared Sharen Knights of Alexandros
Jeff Brown CanHammer
Jeffrey Pandeirada CanHammer
Kyle Moser CanHammer
Luke Ducker
Mark Wang Knights of Alexandros
Mike Harrison Bloodbath and Beyond
Ridvan ‘Skari’ Martinez CanHammer
Ringer Game
sebastian marengo Cash Money Hammer
Tim Deetlefs CanHammer
Tim White
Tom l Maskalik
Tom Tychansky Dauntless
Torey Peet CanHammer
Uria Sloot