Alpha Strike 40k At Gigs-bites

3.30.2019 - 8:45am


3 rd ITC event using champions missions, 2k points max 3 detachments. Come join us for the Alpha Strike spots limited first come first served $15 entry. Please visit or call Giga to reserve your spot. The cafe will be open for the 30 minutes lunch. List are due by Thursday March 28th. All models must be assembled, primed and wysiwyg. Hobby track is in for the event. So 3 colors and no proxy models unless it meets the rule of cool by the TO to be awarded for any hobby track points.

Ticket Price:


Available Tickets: 0


1851 Roswell Rd
Marietta GA, 30062

Registered Players

Name Team
Alexander Ehrich The Prophets
Andrew Ford Red barn
Becca Hudgins Deep Striking Land Raiders
Benjamin Simone
Brewer Corbin
Clayton Greis The General Staff
Cody Hunley
Damon Paul Giga-Bites
Daniel Cloud
Daniel Hesters The General Staff
John Weber Y’allstars
Joshua Herrera The Greater Good
Mike Bridgmon Dangli Boyz
Norman Castillo Darkside wargames
Raymond Fain Brohammer
Ringer Ringer
Robert Birmingham The Prophets
Spawnicus Anderson The Prophets
Stephen Mitchell The General Staff
Trent Mosely
Walter Langendorf Giga-Bites
William saunders OMEGA