Merry Slaaneshmas 2018

12.15.2018 - 9:30am


Merry Slaaneshmas 2018 This a tournament focused on the joy and hobby of Warhammer 40k. One Day Warhammer 40k tournament One Day 3 Rounds 3 hours per round 32 player max ITC Champions Missions Best overall will be 1/3 Paint 1/3 Sportsmanship 1/3 Tournament Score ARMY COMP 2000 points 3 detachment max NO FORGEWORLD (please use your beautiful forgeworld models as proxys for codex units) NO Understrength units. NO Auxiliary Support Detachment (exception for Imperium Assassins) Super Heavy Aux detachment is allowed We will be using all FAQs and codexes published on or before Dec 14th You must provide at least 3 copies of your list printed 3 color army minimum with basing (we will pull models) All conversions and proxies must be approved by the TO before the tournament THE EVENT $25 entry fee at the door Prize support and Raffle This will be a Hobby Track tournament

Ticket Price:


Available Tickets: 9



2616 Simpson Ave
Aberdeen WA, 98520

Registered Players

Name Team
Brian Morrill GH Tabletop
Chris Green Team Fury
Conrad Carriker GH Tabletop
James Donis NW Mercs
James Gliddon GH Tabletop
Jason Byrd NW Mercs
Jeremiah Bergdale Team Fury
Josef McCoy Deffrollaz
Joshua LaRue NW Mercs
Joshua Laudenglos
Justin Whitton Imperial Fist Bumps
Karl Payne Imperial Fist Bumps
Loghammer Young GH Tabletop
Luke Tackett Porto malleus
Mason Moore NW Mercs
Oseas Aduna NW Mercs
Paul Winters NW Mercs
Perry Spilman NW Mercs
Reef Bates
Ron Ashley GH Tabletop
Sean Nasto Blue Wizards
Wes Wright Portus Malleum
Zackery Sanders GH Tabletop