Iron Halo - 40k Tournament (Iron Halo Con)

9.26.2020 - 9:00am


Come on our to our 6th annual Iron Halo! We have some awesome surprises for you this year. Check out our Facebook page for weekly updates and website for general information. Can’t wait to see you guys at the 2020 Iron Halo!!

Ticket Price:

$65.00 USD

Available Tickets: 27



1109 N Delaware St
Dewey OK, 74029

Registered Players

Name Team
Aaron Hermstedt
Alex Bade
Anthony Baumayr
BamBam Hunter Frozen North Gaming
Ben Cherwien Frozen North Gaming
Brenden Smith Filthy Casuals
Cam Hawkins
Cameron Karge
Cary Mah
Charles Fox
Chris Rethemeier
Colin Kay
Connor Mac Cormick
Cullen Burns
Cy Roark
Dan Sammons
Dave Danuser
David Arimond
George Maxwell
James Kelling
Jason Horn
Jason Rogers
Jesse pinick
Joe Guzowski
JT Grachek
Kyle Harris
Marc Nuessen
Mark Weiss
Mike Keys
Nathan Bates
Nathan Martin Not In The Face
Nick Anderson
Nick Sutherlabd Adeptus Shenanigus
Nicolas Weiss
Quinton Alexander
Raymond Province
Robert Barr Preferred Enemies
Ryan Schwarz
Samuel Manuel
Scott Blegen
Scott Thompson
Sean Dilley
Stewart Reed
thomas eddy
Tony Thebeau
Walt Banks
Will Ferguson
William Heifner