Iron Halo - 40k Tournament (Iron Halo Con)

9.26.2020 - 9:00am


Come on our to our 6th annual Iron Halo! We have some awesome surprises for you this year. Check out our Facebook page for weekly updates and website for general information. Can’t wait to see you guys at the 2020 Iron Halo!!

Ticket Price:

$65.00 USD

Available Tickets: 20



1109 N Delaware St
Dewey OK, 74029

Registered Players

Name Team
Aaron Cook Outlanders
Adam Adrignola Gateway Gamers
Alex Bade Flying Monkeys
Alex Kuehn Flying Monkeys
Arthur Cherry Carolina Comics
BamBam Hunter Frozen North Gaming
Ben Cherwien Frozen North Gaming
Benjamin Cromer Brohammer
Blake Law ARKANstone Gaming
Brayan Chavez
Brenden Smith Filthy Casuals
Cary Mah FSGC
Charles Fox Flying Monkeys
Chris Campbell Observance of Hermits
Chris kirby Taylor Observance of Hermits
Christopher Rethemeier Warhogs
Cody Cluck ML0
Colby Norgaard
Colin Kay Denver Mountain Trolls
craig johnston
Cullen Burns U.S. Army Esports
Cy Roark
Cyle Thompson Warhogs
Dan Cornwell Outlanders
Dan Monsalve Brohammer
Dan Sammons Outlanders
Daren mueller ballers on a budget
Dave Danuser Lords of War
David Arimond Lords of War
Derek Richardson Flying Monkeys
Devin King Observance of Hermits
Duncan Ensminger Flying Monkeys
Eric Darais Gateway Gamers
Ethan Holt
George Maxwell FSGC
Howard Watts Desperate Allies
Isaiah Garcia Team Harris
Jacob Cummings Rolling Sixes
James Kelling Frozen North Gaming
Jamie Bond Outlanders
Jason Merten Warhammer Anonymous
Jason Rogers 40kc
Jennie Merten Warhammer Anonymous
Jeremiah Petit Lords of War
Jesse Pinick FSGC
John Burgher Mastery Level 0
John Lennon Brohammer
John Shamp Lords of War
John Teets ballers on a budget
Joseph Yost Team Texas
Josh Stuart Team Texas
Karl stark House Stark
Kenneth Edmonson
Kyle Harris Mastery Level 0
Kyle McCord Rolling Sixes
Little Josh Team Texas
Logan Nuessen Flying Monkeys
Marc Nuessen Flying Monkeys
Marc Parker Brohammer
Mark Perry Brohammer
Mark Weiss Warhogs
Mason King
Matt Evans Denver Mountain Trolls
Matt Neeley Flying Monkeys
Matthew Dixon Team CentAR
Matthew Runde Rolling Sixes
Michael DeLange Flying Monkeys
Michael Keys Mastery Level 0
Miller Time Team Texas
Nate "The High Kheshig" Goodfellow Team Texas
Nathan Bates
Nathan Martin 40kc
Nathaniel Thompson Team CentAR
Nick Hiatt Knights of The Pond
Nicolas Weiss Warhogs
Patrick McAneeny Battle For Salvation
Peyton Harris Team Harris
peyton preece
Quinton Alexander FSGC
Raymond Province Observance of Hermits
Regino Sanchez Brohammer
Richard Windau Gateway Gamers
Richardjason Harris Team Harris
Russell Rose Warhammer Anonymous
Ryan Snyder Steel City Legion
Samuel Boman Warhogs
Samuel Manuel Desperate Allies
Scott Blegen Frozen North Gaming
Scott McElheny 40kc
Scott Thompson Outlanders
Sean Brown Mastery Level 0
Sean Dilley 40kc
Seth Everett Crit Fail Club
Steven Schirmer Team Texas
Stewart Reed 40kc
Taylor Johnson Observance of Hermits
Thomas "eddy" Eddy Carolina Comics
Tim Pinney Brohammer
Tony Thebeau 40kc
Trent Diesel Observance of Hermits
Trenton Sample Flying Monkeys
Tyler Devries Frozen North Gaming
Tyler Drew Mastery Level 0
Viet Win Team Texas
Vincent Santini Crit Fail Club
Walt Banks Carolina Comics
Wesley Anderson Observance of Hermits
Wyatt Harris Team Harris
Z Lindberg Warhammer Anonymous