Ticketing / Pricing information

Best Coast Pairings is a swiss pairings software that allows Tournament Organizers, or TO’s, to run their events with simplicity and ease on an iOS device. We provide this tool free of charge to create and run events in a variety of ways.

Any Number of Players and Online Registration

Running an event is a lot of work and we want to provide the tools for a Tournament Organizer to run the best event they can and focus on the important things like having fun. When a TO creates an event in the Best Coast Pairings app and opts to use our Online Player Registration tool we create a page for the tournament before the event that is searchable in our events listings where players can find information on the event, sign up, and purchase a ticket to the event. During event creation TOs simply add all the relevant information on the event such as time, date, location and ticket price and players can sign up online and purchase tickets using Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Dinners, JCB or Debit cards. Day of the event players will simply check in and the event is ready to go. We offer several different methods to get the ticket sales to the TO, more information on this can be found in on our support page. No need to use another ticketing source or payment method, and no need to expose your personal Paypal account or deal with refunds or transfers. There is a small processing fee of 5% plus .30 for each ticket sold which is subtracted from the funds that are deposited. Funds from ticket sales are available 3 business days after the sale of the ticket. Players still have the option of paying day of the event via the online portal or in cash and can be added into the player roster. Events run with this feature are stored in our database and will be useable in later features of the app.

Free Events

We want Best Coast Pairings to be your go to choice for running your event. If you are not charging players to sign up for your event or are taking cash day of, TOs can still use online registration with a ticket cost of $0. If you are running a charity event contact us at support@bestcoastpairings.com and we can accommodate you. We do not allow for events to use external payment methods such as Paypal when labeled as a “free event:” and these will be removed from the system.

Running Multiple Events

Best Coast Pairings includes support for Warhammer 40K, Age of Sigmar and the ITC specific scoring for those systems. Also Warmachine with or with-out Steamroller rules, Malifaux, and X-Wing. We are adding more all the time. To help support Local Game Stores or other large events who would like to see a decrease in the processing rate please contact sales at sales@bestcoastpairings.com.